Well Hello There

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Well Hello There

Postby BreatheEasy » Feb 19th, '12, 03:57

Hey guys! I've been reading through the forums for quite some time, so I felt it necessary to post something, and I cannot wait until I will become a regular on here, and who knows, maybe even answer other people's questions.

A little bit of me info :)

How long have you been drinking tea?
All my life I have been drinking tea. I began taking it a lot more seriously about 8 months ago. And now, it's a vicious addiction :D

What was your first Tea?
Chamomile tea, but first real tea was actually Earl Grey. Still a favorite of mine...

What is your favorite Tea currently?
That's a toss up between some Ripe Puerhs or Ginseng Oolong at the moment.

What is your next purchase?
New kettle. Then.....PUERH!!! :D

Where is your favorite spot to brew up?
In the middle of turning my room into a tea sanctuary actually. Then that will be my favorite spot..
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Re: Well Hello There

Postby Chip » Feb 19th, '12, 15:52

Hi and welcome to TeaChat. I am looking forward to seeing you around the forum ... asking and answering questions. :mrgreen:
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Re: Well Hello There

Postby AdamMY » Feb 19th, '12, 16:06

Welcome to the forum, and I hope to see you around and posting. Teaday is always a great place to start ( after introductions of course).
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Re: Well Hello There

Postby BreatheEasy » Feb 19th, '12, 23:52

Thank you for the welcome guys! I will probably be asking more questions than I would be answering any :)
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Re: Well Hello There

Postby margauxmorgan » Feb 27th, '12, 05:32

hi! my first ever real tea was earl grey as well
from my aunt in london :D
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