Tea drinker in Alaska

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Tea drinker in Alaska

Postby n3rdygrrrl » Feb 20th, '12, 20:48

Hey. I've recently returned to tea after several years off drinking <coffee>. I know, I know. Prior to my departure, I was a big fan of white teas and rooibus. Now I am loving a good chinese green tea and oolongs.

I just visited the local tea store for the first time today, and found them to have a decent selection. I ran out of pi lo chun, and was hoping to restock. however, they did not have any pi lo chun. They had some stuff they 'said' was just like it, but it was a black tea. I was dubious. heh So I picked up some Nepal Junchi and another chinese green tea they had. Brewing my first cup of the junchi right now, I'm curious to see if I like it!
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Re: Tea drinker in Alaska

Postby CupofTree » Feb 21st, '12, 00:51

Wow lucky you in Alaska. I'd love to visit there... I do plan on moving to Washington in the near future and I can't wait. Tea drinking really isn't all that fun in south florida if you can imagine.
I bet your local tea shop is nice too.
Happy tea drinking =)
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Re: Tea drinker in Alaska

Postby BreatheEasy » Feb 27th, '12, 17:52

Agreed! I live in Broward, and there seems to be a coffee shop in darn near every single corner, but tea rooms are rather lacking down here.

Anyway, glad to see there is some good stuff up in Alaska. Definitely seems like a great place to have a cup of tea IMO :)
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Re: Tea drinker in Alaska

Postby Chip » Mar 7th, '12, 22:49

Hi and welcome to TeaChat! Hope to see you around the forum.

A black that is like Bi lo Chun ... hrm ... :roll:
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Re: Tea drinker in Alaska

Postby n3rdygrrrl » Mar 21st, '12, 13:37

Thanks for the welcome, guys! The Junchi is now one of my favorite teas, it is so good! I also picked up s blend they have that they call 'Glacier Mint', it's a green tea/mint blend. And, I am a little ashamed at how much I like it. hehe.

The tea shop is very nice, and it's nice to have one locally. As you can imagine, being in Alaska, we don't always have things available locally. But I do think that the nice man who helped me needs a bit more education. I will not depend on them to give me real advice on tea, but they are a good supplier. =)
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