Why do we drink tea?

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Why do we drink tea?

Postby Herb_Master » Jan 9th, '12, 20:37

Although purported to be about alcohol I see no reason why this should not apply to tea

If all be true that I do think
There are 5 reasons why we drink
Good Food
A Friend
Or Being Dry
Or Lest we should be, by and by
Or any other reason why :lol:

Henry Aldrich, 1648 - 1710

One slight modification makes it applicable to tea :D
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Re: Why do we drink tea?

Postby BioHorn » Jan 9th, '12, 23:20

Where is the like button?
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Re: Why do we drink tea?

Postby margauxmorgan » Feb 23rd, '12, 02:21

i second to that

an awesome drink tea is :D
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Re: Why do we drink tea?

Postby sencha » Mar 3rd, '12, 22:39

...because we're addicted to caffeine! Just kidding :wink:
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Re: Why do we drink tea?

Postby jennyzw » May 24th, '12, 23:55

drink tea is a process of enjoyment
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