Ordering the starter set as a gift and was wondering...

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Ordering the starter set as a gift and was wondering...

Postby JackDonwell » Dec 7th, '07, 01:57

what kind of tea I should get to go along with it. I'm ordering it for my mom, who has never tried a tea other than Liptons before as far as I know. I'd like to get something that she'd enjoy, so what would you recommend for a person like my mother? Thanks for any advice.

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Postby scruffmcgruff » Dec 7th, '07, 02:10

Which starter did you get? I have a few suggestions, hopefully they aren't all included in the set. I'm assuming she would mostly be interested in black teas, but oriental beauty (oolong #40) is something she might like as well.

Yunnan Gold
Oolong #40

Those are the main ones I would suggest, but I don't know much about your mom's tastes. All of the samplers look pretty good to be honest, so you might consider grabbing one of those. Hope this helps. :)

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Postby skywarrior » Dec 8th, '07, 16:05

I would probably suggest some black teas and maybe a few with flavors. Let your mom's tastes and the ratings be your guide. The reviews often tell you things I've found to be true, so if, let's say, you're mom loves blueberries, the blueberry black tea is pretty good. If she likes Chinese food, you might want to try a simple oolong in the pack. I'd suggest Assam, Golden Monkey. Ceylon and a decent oolong, plus some flavored teas she might enjoy. (Keemun is too sharp and smoky for me).

I would probably stay away from the exotic stuff until she starts forming opinions on the teas.

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Postby JRS22 » Dec 8th, '07, 17:32

Are you talking about the Starter Set that's under the Extras tab? That's what I began with - it's the same price as the IngenuiTea alone under the teaware tab. Lipton's is black tea, so your best bet is probably the black tea sampler.

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