Green tea for weight loss, true or false?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Green tea for weight loss, true or false?

Postby Weasel » Dec 7th, '07, 10:56

I'm just wondering if it's true that green tea boosts your metabolism and plays a part in weight loss, and if many cups a day would one have to drink to see results?

Thanks in advance guys =)

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Postby Wesli » Dec 7th, '07, 12:08

You probably will never see weight loss results from green tea.

If you want to lose weight it's simply two things: more exercise, less food. Diet and exercise are all anyone needs to lose weight. Adding green tea to the diet during this time will help, as it's a calorie-free(?), healthy beverage.

I lost 50 lbs recently as a result of intense diet and exercise. I was also drinking green tea all the while, so if you want to believe it helped... :D

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Postby divintea » Dec 7th, '07, 12:16

You are a wise one, Fukamushi Dynasty. The reason green tea is coined the weight loss tea is because it shushes up cravings that'd otherwise go to junk drinks.

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Postby forkyfork » Dec 7th, '07, 17:02

From what I understand, green tea boosts metabolism by 4% and oolong boosts it by up to 10% compared to water. Don't quote me on those numbers, but that's what I remember reading. This isn't as impressive as it sounds.

But honestly, do not drink green tea simply because of the supposed weight loss, or the health benefits, or the antioxidants. Drink it because you like the taste.

Try to find a tea that you like without anything in it (no milk, honey, sugar, etc.) - this will be a true calorie-free drink.

I recommend starting with flavored teas before moving onto "strictly green" teas. Especially if you are used to sweet or flavored things, it may be hard to jump from one extreme to the other.

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Postby Trey Winston » Dec 10th, '07, 12:22

I read somewhere that green tea does indeed increase the rate of metabolism, to the tune of dropping 3-4 pounds a year if you drink a lot of it and change nothing else. Hardly the most effective weight loss method, but doubtlessly one of the more enjoyable :)

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Postby divintea » Dec 12th, '07, 15:40

Ooh, that's 3-4 pounds you could spend on foooood.

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