Osmanthus Flavored Oolong

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Osmanthus Flavored Oolong

Postby yshuto » Mar 6th, '12, 17:28

Are there any online tea retailers that offer Osmanthus flavored high mountain Oolong tea? I have been purchasing this tea from a small tea shop in Taipei for a number of years yet my business trips to Asia now are taking me more to China than Taiwan.
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Re: Osmanthus Flavored Oolong

Postby wyardley » Mar 6th, '12, 17:46

One thing you can do is just buy dried Osmanthus and blend your own. You will probably get better tea this way, and then you can choose whether or not to add the flowers.
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Re: Osmanthus Flavored Oolong

Postby tingjunkie » Mar 7th, '12, 01:33

I used to buy osmanthus Taiwanese oolong from Ten Ren way back when. I remember it being pretty good. Now I keep a big bag of osmanthus flowers at home, and any oolong that I get a decent quantity of, but decide it doesn't meet my standards (usually sale teas from certain vendors), I just throw the flowers in and let it sit for a few months. Cheaper and better, as long as you have the time.
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Re: Osmanthus Flavored Oolong

Postby AlexZorach » Apr 11th, '12, 13:48

Upton Tea Imports sells a green Chinese oolong scented with osmanthus, ZM44: Osmanthus Oolong Se Chung. It is very reasonably priced, and I think it is unparalleled in its price range. Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock, but I think this is a spring harvest tea so hopefully it'll be back soon.

I like wyardley's advice too...I've never done that but it seems like a great idea.
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