Bonjour de Dakar Senegal

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Bonjour de Dakar Senegal

Postby tkellyd » Feb 22nd, '12, 16:31

Hello all:

Hope all's well with everyone (if not, have a cup of tea; it cures all ills :lol: ). I've been lurking the chats for quite some time now and thought it best to introduce myself (cup of tea in hand, of course. Have some?).

First, I'm predominantly a Pu'erh drinker. Either kind, sheng or shou although lately it's been green tea (don't ask what kind of tea, just what brand. It's Gift Tea from the People's Republic of China, whatever that means) that was given to me. Very tasty, actually.

Second, I'm an Yixing collector. Or at least that's how I started. Now I'm an antique tetsubin collector. I'm starting to wonder, though, how much water a person can drink.

Anyway, glad to be here and thanks for having me.



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Re: Bonjour de Dakar Senegal

Postby teaisme » Feb 27th, '12, 15:04

Hi there!

Welcome and check out the antique/vintage teaware section! I'm curious to see what you have collected so far. any pics?

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Re: Bonjour de Dakar Senegal

Postby Chip » Mar 7th, '12, 21:51

Hi tkellyd and welcome to TeaChat! I hope to see much more of you around the forum!

... have a great TeaDay.

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Re: Bonjour de Dakar Senegal

Postby David R. » Mar 8th, '12, 05:28

Bienvenue !

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Re: Bonjour de Dakar Senegal

Postby Lerxst2112 » Mar 8th, '12, 10:27

Ehh... let me see if I can get this right... it's been a while:

Bienvenue! Passez un bon séjour. Combien de temps avez-vous bu du thé? Quelles sont votre type préféré de Pu-erhs?

Hope to see you more around the forum. :)

Peace, love, and tea,

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