Pu-erh yerba mate?

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Pu-erh yerba mate?

Postby Ansel » Jan 31st, '12, 18:52

my mate told me about a pu-erh yerba mate he bought... how is it made? what's it like? etc


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Re: Pu-erh yerba mate?

Postby AlexZorach » Mar 15th, '12, 16:00

I've never heard of or tried a blend of Pu-erh and Yerba mate, but I could imagine such a blend working quite well.

I also could see it going in radically different directions, based on whether cooked / shu Pu-erh or raw / sheng Pu-erh were used, and based on whether the mate were green or roasted, aged or un-aged.

I'd personally imagine that Shu Pu-erh would probably blend well with roasted yerba mate, and sheng pu-erh perhaps more with green yerba mate, but that's just my intuition.

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Re: Pu-erh yerba mate?

Postby Ansel » Mar 19th, '12, 18:01

They are made by Matte Leao and are the red/rosa ones. They say pu-erh on the packet but doesn't say it contains anything other than yerba mate.

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Re: Pu-erh yerba mate?

Postby SlientSipper » Mar 21st, '12, 13:33

intriguing infusion indeed. I'd be curious to try some if given a chance.
I imagine it would be a very strong earthly taste.

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Re: Pu-erh yerba mate?

Postby Jose_Luis_Denis » Nov 22nd, '13, 09:13

In teavana is mango puerh mate and the flavor isn´t good, I tried 4 times, I will blend myself mate and pu-erh only, the flavor will be good (without mango and curry like teavana). :D

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