Yunnan Samplers.

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Yunnan Samplers.

Postby Lerxst2112 » Mar 18th, '12, 01:50

I have ordered the following samplers from Yunnan's US site, and was wondering if anyone in the community has tried them.

2008 Menghai Da Yi Hong

2007 Mengku Mu Ye Chun

2007 Menghai "Jade Dew"

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Yunnan Samplers.

Postby Drax » Mar 18th, '12, 06:55

I've had the Mu Ye Chun (including its 002 incarnation, which I've recommended recently to a couple of people who were looking for something a bit floral and 'drink now').

Looking back at my notes, I've got it as very thick with a 'dark' sweetness. It's been awhile since I tried it (last September), but that 'darkness' is usually a flavor profile I really enjoy. I took this tea a large number of infusions and wrote a lot about it, which is usually a good sign...

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Re: Yunnan Samplers.

Postby bryan_drinks_tea » Mar 18th, '12, 19:56

not to be a party pooper, but what you get is what you get.

There are many, many variations from brewing place to brewing place. do you know how different some of the pu I brew tastes when I brew it in your house as opposed to when I brew it in mine?

Also, don't forget the unique palate of the taster.

The Da Yi Hong - I had the raw version of that, and while this may not help, it had a good bit of flavour, and limited bitterness, even when pushed a little.

For the Mengku - I haven't tried it, but Hobbes has written about it, and perhaps some other readers have written about it as well. ... u-001.html

The Jade Dew - look at some things on that one. it says premium, which may or may not mean that it uses smaller leaves. looking at the photo- it's hard to tell. the leaves look big-ish to me. There's a flavour difference between the small leaf shu pu and big leaf shu pu - like the difference between the dayi 'wu zi deng ke' and the dayi 8592.

all I can really definitively tell you right now is to try, try ,try new teas!

best of luck!


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Re: Yunnan Samplers.

Postby Lerxst2112 » Mar 18th, '12, 20:45

Edited comment:

My last post was pretty harsh, and I apologise to both the person I was responding to, and the community.

Instead, maybe I can offer insight into why I ask what I do.. I like to see what other members have experienced, as I believe that is what a tea community is for. Sharing experiences. And in turn, those reading about the experiences have a sort of guide.

I will take your opinions into consideration; same as I will take Drax's. Same as Mr. Hobbes. Same as Mr. Matt (cha) None of them are an end all to be all.

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