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Red Lantern Tea "Official" Pu-erh Tea Topic

Postby Chip » Jan 19th, '10, 14:00

Red Lantern Tea was nominated and confirmed for our TeaVendor Guide under the Pu-erh category. If you would like to nominate them to other categories, you may do this, otherwise limit discussion to their Pu-erh Tea offerings. Thank you! :D

NEW! Official Pu-erh Tea Vendor Guide for Red Lantern Tea
Consider this a perennial topic for Pu-erh teas from Red Lantern Tea to discuss and review. ... ec0Q2em322

Official Pu-erh Tea Vendor Guide. Let's see what happens with this wild and crazy idea. You can view the main Pu-erh TeaVendor Guide here: and the main TeaVendor Guide here:
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Re: Red Lantern Tea "Official" Pu-erh Tea Topic

Postby Drax » Mar 5th, '12, 21:05

For some reason, nobody has posted in this thread!

I recently placed an order w/ Red Lantern Tea on eBay, and a great experience. They shipped everything extremely safely and quickly.

Their prices are a bit higher, but everything is "free shipping," which usually makes up for (most) of the difference.

I bought a variety of pu'erh; mostly xiaguan. Having tasted through everything, I only had one "oddity," and that was a slightly off flavor on a bag of 2004 tuos that I picked up. I'm hoping that odd flavor will air out over time. All in all, though, very nice experience!
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Re: Red Lantern Tea "Official" Pu-erh Tea Topic

Postby BreatheEasy » Mar 19th, '12, 12:05

Thanks for sharing Drax!

I have been meaning to purchase some stuff from RL. I too noticed they have free shipping, but it's only for their teas, you'd have to pay for shipping for teawares & accessories. Since I haven't tried any of their teas, I can't really judge quality, but for the price I see, I picture their teas being great everyday teas.
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Re: Red Lantern Tea "Official" Pu-erh Tea Topic

Postby Bryan_drinks_te... » Oct 14th, '13, 00:40

I wanted to post a warning. I ordered two cakes of the 2004 Changtai 'Yiwu Zheng pin' blue stamp. The gentleman assured me that the tea was dry stored - didn't really matter either way. Anyways, the tea was more wet stored than the other wet stored teas that a few friends and I had tasted.
The guy may not be too knowledgable about what he is selling.

I should add that I'm not a tea guru either, but I can tell the difference between the degrees of wet storage to some degree.

Thanks for reading :)
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