price for black tea

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price for black tea

Postby amburana » Dec 9th, '07, 19:06


It will be nice to help me to get an idea of the black tea price.
I ask to few import-export companies for buying them tea and they propose between 30 and 100 US $ per kilograms (1kg=2.2 pounds).
Actually I found this web page ( that shows prices for black tea around 2.50 US $ per kilograms.
Thanks to help me to explain these prices diferences and the current wholesale prices for the black tea import.

Kain from Perú.
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Postby skywarrior » Dec 10th, '07, 03:24

Hi Kain --

Tea is generally priced according to quality, type and the market. It really depends on what tea you're getting.

I don't know enough about the import business, but I assume there are tariffs and other things associated with shipping tea. Then, of course, there is the US exchange rate. That will probably make a difference. If the website isn't current, it may not show the vagaries of the currency market.

Good luck to you.
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