Hekisui Matcha!

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Hekisui Matcha!

Postby SlientSipper » Apr 9th, '12, 20:05

I say, this does appear to be a good looking matcha.
but, I wonder if its worth the price?
Also, would it still stay fresh from the trip from Uji?

http://shop.samovarlife.com/Matcha-Heki ... 01mahe.htm

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Re: Hekisui Matcha!

Postby puerhking » Apr 10th, '12, 12:02

Looks kind of pale in color. Their prices seem on the high side. I don't see a date on the harvest. There are so many other vetted places to buy from I'm not sure why you would choose this.

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Re: Hekisui Matcha!

Postby exmechanistic » Apr 10th, '12, 12:52

I did a quick check of some of the stores I've purchased matcha from in the past (O-cha, Ippodo, and Hibiki-an) and this is more expensive per gram than the highest grades at all three of those sites. I don't doubt that this is good, but it does seem unlikely to me that it's better than everything sold by all of those companies.

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Re: Hekisui Matcha!

Postby SlientSipper » Apr 10th, '12, 22:26

I almost forgot the old adage.

Cost does not always equal Value

I've tried google Hekisui matcha and nowhere else sells it.
It makes me wonder..

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Re: Hekisui Matcha!

Postby robbie_olive » Jun 24th, '12, 23:53

I did a quick search of this tea on a Japanese website, and this matcha does exist, but they are selling it for 3675 YEN (about USD45) per 30grams. (the link can be found below)

Having said that, the name of the matcha comes from the Hekisui-en tea plantation in Uji; it is not necessarily the poetic name ("mei") of the matcha itself.

Here is the link of the matcha with the prices:

If you go down to the "抹茶" section, look for "碧翠", and you will see the price in YEN.

Personally, I wouldn't be buying it for USD59 dollars for 20grams. I'd try to get it through the above website, or I'd go and buy an Uji matcha from elsewhere, as others have suggested. Furthermore, unless you are a tea ceremony instructor or practitioner with deep pockets, I wouldn't go for this one.


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Re: Hekisui Matcha!

Postby Peacock » Jun 25th, '12, 00:09

Samovar is a restaurant here in California that primarly focuses on tea. I can't personally vouch for their matcha though. :cry:

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Re: Hekisui Matcha!

Postby edkrueger » Jun 25th, '12, 13:46

Samovar is a nice tea lounge, but I'd never buy their tea in bulk. Very mediocre and even more over priced.

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