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Re: Hello from New Orleans!

Postby Chip » Apr 15th, '12, 21:48

Long term storage of Japanese teas should be cold stored, short term, no big deal. Just use them up sooner than later.

Den's does not "nitro flush" their teas, they use de-oxygenators instead. While I prefer the nitro flushing, the deox packets work OK. However I don't think the samplers even have these.

I am thinking the "filters" are simply "fill your own teabags." These can be useful for brewing away from your normal teawares used for brewing, like a restaurant.

For better reponse to your specific questions, may I suggest posting it in the appropriate forum of TeaChat where everyone is more apt to read the discussion. :idea: :mrgreen: :arrow:

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Re: Hello from New Orleans!

Postby teaisme » Apr 16th, '12, 13:44

Your samples don't need to go in the fridge. That's more a suggestion for larger quantities that you plan to drink over extended months (some say its good to leave unopened ones in fridge, take out and leave room temp couple days till inside temp is same as outside, then open and enjoy).

Tea filters are just what you think they are. In case you just want to brew in a cup with no teapot.

As for steepster, walker reviews, and tea vendor forum nominations/suggestions, take everything you hear and read with a grain of salt

Cagan wrote: is there something special I need to do to brew this tea?

I think the instructions they provide should be more then adequate for the teas in the sampler.

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Re: Hello from New Orleans!

Postby SilentChaos » Apr 25th, '12, 01:38

How did I not come across Den's sampler pack until now. :o My very first Japanese green tea order was Hibiki's Sencha and Gyo Superior 400g pack :shock: Gotta get me one of samplers those to try out Den's tea :mrgreen:

Welcome to the forever most helpful TeaChat/ers, and happy sipping :!:

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