Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.


Postby Antihero » Apr 16th, '12, 20:26

Here's a link to a documentary about Tie Guan Yin.
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Re: Documentary

Postby Poohblah » Apr 16th, '12, 20:43

"Wei Yuede can produce tea with different flavors using different tossing methods."

And here is one about Da Hong Pao: ... 5804.shtml
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Re: Documentary

Postby FlyedPiper » Jun 23rd, '12, 01:53

Both great documentaries! Thanks for posting.

Here is a good documentary on Taiwanese tea, in multiple parts:
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Re: Documentary

Postby sriracha » Jun 23rd, '12, 03:17

Thank you, all!

I've tried watching that first TGY one twice at home but it always hung a couple of minutes in, maybe I'll have better luck here at work.
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Re: Documentary

Postby Math » Jun 23rd, '12, 10:51

Beautiful documentary about photographer Chen Jin's years of documenting the old teahouse life of Chengdu followed by another sweet photo-history documentary although not related to tea in any way. ... 5999.shtml

Love the two relaxed tea-rudeboys with their leisurely lifestyle at 2:28 onwards. 8)
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