Question on brewing shincha

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Question on brewing shincha

Postby bcntea » May 3rd, '12, 00:28

I just received my first Shincha, a 2012 organic Kagoshima Shincha Saemidori from Yuuki-cha (wow, that's green). I recently purchased a beautiful sado clay kyusu from Hojo for brewing green tea. But the shincha clogs it all up and makes it hard to get the water out. ANy brewing recommendations? thanks!
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Re: question on brewing shincha

Postby Poohblah » May 3rd, '12, 00:34

read this thread starting here
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Re: question on brewing shincha

Postby SilentChaos » May 3rd, '12, 14:40

Poohblah wrote:read this thread starting here

:lol: :lol: Sorry, for some reason I just found it incredibly funny. One hell of a definitive answer to boot. :mrgreen:
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