Black gunpowder?

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Black gunpowder?

Postby Inaya » May 17th, '12, 14:50

Hey all,

A local teahouse at my old home sold a fantastic black gunpowder called Winchester. It's black leaves rolled just like the green version and makes a very strong cup.

Unfortunately, I have moved since, so I can no longer buy this tea. I have looked online without any luck, so I was wondering if anyone here was familiar with this tea and knew where to get it.
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Re: Black gunpowder?

Postby AlexZorach » Jul 13th, '12, 16:14

Upton Tea Imports (a company which I like very much) used to sell a black gunpowder, but they discontinued it.

The only two companies I know of selling it, TeaVitality, and Plymouth Tea Company, are ones I have never had any experience with.
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