Organic Black for Iced Tea?

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Organic Black for Iced Tea?

Postby Garrett » Jun 11th, '12, 02:54

Looking for organic black teas that will be exclusively used to make iced teas.

For this use I don't need something higher-end; I'm really just looking for something that tastes good but is affordable enough for daily drinking.

The organic requirement is quite important, however I'd be willing to try something from a reputable and highly trusted vendor so long as they claim to be pesticide-free.

Thanks in advance guys. :)

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Re: Organic Black for Iced Tea?

Postby teaisme » Jun 11th, '12, 14:02

The two keemuns or the Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong (lapsang) are organic and would do well iced

The lapsang would be great iced it's character befits it

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