Hello from Louisiana!

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Hello from Louisiana!

Postby Maurrowe » Jun 15th, '12, 21:56

Hey everyone! My name is Christi. I am fairly new to the world of tea. A few months ago, my sister (who works at Teavana) gave me some of their tea as a gift. This was my first experience with loose leaf tea and I was hooked pretty much immediately.

I am not sure which I enjoy more -- drinking tea or learning about it! I have spent these past few months reading books/researching, as well as trying as many different teas as possible. The journey so far has been a fascinating one! While I am thankful to Teavana for introducing me to tea, I know that it is only the beginning to truly understanding tea and I am ready to broaden my horizons. I think that out of all of the different resources that I use to learn, this forum is by far the most useful and informative, and I am very excited to finally become a part of it!
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Re: Hello from Louisiana!

Postby debunix » Jun 15th, '12, 22:06

Welcome, and enjoy your tea. Let us know what's in your cup!
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Re: Hello from Louisiana!

Postby sriracha » Jun 16th, '12, 01:17

Welcome Maurrowe!
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Re: Hello from Louisiana!

Postby FlyedPiper » Jun 16th, '12, 22:40

Welcome to TC! Enjoy the obsession!
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Re: Hello from Louisiana!

Postby Chip » Jun 17th, '12, 23:54

FlyedPiper wrote:Welcome to TC! Enjoy the obsession!

Yes. welcome to the forum. We can certainly help you with your TeaObsession. I am looking forward to seeing you around the forum. :mrgreen:
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Re: Hello from Louisiana!

Postby tortoise » Jun 18th, '12, 09:27

To drink is to learn.

Welcome. I'm also in Louisiana -- Northwest.
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