Starbucks plans to open Tazo tea store this year

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Re: Starbucks plans to open Tazo tea store this year

Postby Poohblah » Jun 20th, '12, 19:38

This reflects the exploding American tea market, which has been growing for a few decades now. Overall, I think that it may mean that more people will be drawn into traditional Chinese and Japanese tea cultures. On the other hand, it may also signal the emergence of a unique American tea culture, just as how British traditions of tea broke from Chinese styles despite the Chinese origins of British tea. One of the downsides to the American tea boom is, in my opinion, an issue of semantics. Americans tend to use the word "tea" as an umbrella term, especially since brands such as Tazo sell everything from green tea to herbal blends. So when I say that tea is a small hobby of mine, other people tend to follow up with questions like, "so do you think the mango peach oolong or vanilla almond rooibos tastes better?" There's a niche need to distinguish between those types of drinks and more traditional Chinese and Japanese styles of tea. I usually circumvent this problem by saying something like "Chinese tea is a small hobby of mine" rather than using only the unqualified term "tea".

As far as Tazo is concerned, as long as they do not market themselves as representative of Chinese/Japanese culture the way Teavana sometimes does, then I have no problem with that brand. I rather like Tazo's Passion; they also have a spearmint/lemongrass concoction that I enjoy when I'm feeling sick. Then again, if somebody offers me hot flavored water of any kind, I won't reject ;)

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Re: Starbucks plans to open Tazo tea store this year

Postby iovetea » Jul 12th, '12, 16:45

i liked the green jade needle that starbucks sold, seriously i was amazed how good it tastes for a tea in a coffee chain. well at least i liked it.

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