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To what extent do rewards programs infuence where you buy tea?

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Rewards Programmes

Postby sherubtse » Jul 11th, '12, 12:57

Having run into several rewards programmes offered by online tea stores (and being interested in retailing generally), I would like to know how influential these prgrammes are when TeaChatters purchase tea.
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Re: Rewards Programmes

Postby Lerxst2112 » Jul 11th, '12, 17:14

To be quite honest, no influence whatsoever. I just rack up points with multiple vendors. One day I may cash them in on a particularly pricey order. :D
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Re: Rewards Programmes

Postby AdamMY » Jul 11th, '12, 18:12

In my opinion Rewards programs does not make bad tea good, so if I place an order from you, and I do not like the tea I got, even if you have a very good rewards program I am unlikely to order again. But at the same time the only vendor I order from regularly with a rewards program is O-Cha, and I do not think I have yet to cash my rewards in, I keep telling myself I am saving them to get a very good gyokuro for pennies (or free).

I am not sure if you count this as a rewards program, but I sort of consider it an immediate rewards program. I like vendors that give free samples with an order from them. Its a great way to try new tea's and branch out slightly. It's one of those things where how can you know you can't live without this tea if you've never tried it?
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Re: Rewards Programmes

Postby JRS22 » Jul 12th, '12, 08:25

I voted never - the quality of the tea is the most important factor and tea isn't fungible.
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Rewards Programmes

Postby debunix » Jul 12th, '12, 18:45

I have been encouraged to enter a review on a teashop website by a rewards program, but AFAIK it doesn't effect my ordering at all.
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