Wild harvest herbs

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Wild harvest herbs

Postby AlexZorach » Jul 13th, '12, 16:24

Do any of you harvest any herbs from the wild, for use in herbal teas, blending with true teas, or for use in cooking?

Shiso (perilla) is widely naturalised where I live, and I use it both to brew up an herbal infusion, and to use as a cooked vegetable. I also regularly take lemon balm, and less frequently, mints, from naturalised populations.
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Re: Wild harvest herbs

Postby teaisme » Jul 23rd, '12, 17:12

ginseng from the appalachia :D
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Re: Wild harvest herbs

Postby TuoMa » Sep 7th, '12, 04:17

I mainly use mint and low grade green teas, boiled together. Nothing original :p

Otherwise, my chinese family uses a huge amount of picked herbs (or bought in chinese pharmacy) for specific infusions, never mixed with tea.
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