Skip4tea offerings

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Skip4tea offerings

Postby bagua7 » Jul 14th, '12, 04:13

I was thinking of this cake:

Purple Dayi Raw, yr 2000

Yay or nay?

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Re: Skip4tea offerings

Postby JakubT » Jul 14th, '12, 05:12

Riskyay... The tea is one thing, the vendor is another. When I bought from them and cancelled the order (wanting to remove two cakes from the order), they did not send me the money back (even though they explicitly state they will) and it is impossible to get to them via e-mail, phone or contact form.

Of course, there is a possibility that there are just Indian dwarves who do not communicate with outer world, but they accept and send out orders propertly...
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Re: Skip4tea offerings

Postby Maxwell2079 » Jul 14th, '12, 17:46

Hi Bagua!

Haven't tried that one. But JakubT is right about them. They don't answer the phone ( I have personally called several times). And replied my mail after two months. Not answering all my questions... Of course I didn't order from them.
In Hobbes blog some users complain about the shipping packaging. But apparently got a quick response. I think it is a too risky to buy from them. With Jukubt comment about the refund I wouldn't even try.

This is the link about skip4tea in hobbes blog: ... aguan.html

Take care!
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Re: Skip4tea offerings

Postby bagua7 » Jul 15th, '12, 23:21

130% of the cost of the cake just for shipping is not worth my interest, unfortunately, otherwise I'd try this vendor.

Anyway, thanks for your help. :)
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