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Postby the_economist » Aug 6th, '12, 22:35

Oh I don't know. The top 20 countries by life expectancy all seem pretty high-tech to me. Probably due to good quality health care. Technology probably not so much of a drag from that point of view.

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Re: Fake Fake Fake

Postby TwoDog2 » Aug 15th, '12, 21:47

This thread is kind of depressing. So much fakery.

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Re: Fake Fake Fake

Postby gingkoseto » Sep 3rd, '12, 19:53

needaTEAcher wrote:I have also found that EVERYWHERE I have traveled thinks that other places are really dangerous, that the food is dangerous, the poeple are dangerous, and that getting off the plane in another country can kill you. Obviously not everyone thinks like this, but there have been substantial populations in every country I have visited with this mentality.

That's quite true! That's why Mark Twain said "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness..." :mrgreen:
For a few times at Chinese dinner tables I heard Chinese people making very generalized statements about xxx country (each at a different time). And I would say, can you guys imagine, probably right at this moment, at a dinner table in xxx country, there are the same statements thrown out about Chinese people? :mrgreen:

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