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Postby Xishi Lady » Aug 15th, '12, 16:51

I am new and not so new to TeaChat.

I have read the forums off and on during the past years. I had been hesitant of becoming a member due to some of the "banter" of some members. Unfortunately sometimes it goes beyond that as I found out the hard way.

I also like the diversity among the teachat members and vendors.

I grew up with tea and have loved tea from day one and like anything from herbal infusions to pu erh to matcha.

My favourite is TGY. I drink it everyday without fail. Sometime with short sometimes with long steepings. On very hot days I like to cool it off a little...very refreshing.

I like Sheng Pu erh but I am not too fond of Ripe Pu erh. Personal preference.
I like black/red teas. My favourite of these are Yi Xing black tea and currently the mini cake from YS .

I am very thankful to teachat though, for all the information in its forums.
It is how I found out about many types of Teapots, vendors and of course tea.

I hope to learn so much more in the future. Glad to be here.

Xishi Lady

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Re: Hello

Postby Chip » Aug 15th, '12, 18:45

Greetings Xisha Lady, welcome to TeaChat. Hope to see you around the forum.

Yes, we can all be a bit passionate about our passion we call tea and the related arts/crafts. Obviously based upon your collection we have seen so far, you "fit the mold."

It comes with being human. It is how we choose to react or not react that generally sets TeaChat apart from other forums where flame wars are on their daily agendas.

By and large, we get along pretty well. :mrgreen:

Be sure to smell the tea and have a great TeaDay.

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