New TeaDay 8/29/12 Solitary or Share the Tea?

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We want to know, do you prefer to drink your TEA ... alone or share the experience with someone?

Yes. For me, tea is a state of mind, focus. I definitely prefer my tea alone
Yes, most times I like my tea alone. It is a retreat, a private moment
Yes, generally I prefer my tea alone
Yes/no...I prefer to split my tea time
No, generally I would prefer tea time shared
No, I generally prefer tea time shared
No votes
No, I would always like to share my tea time with someone
Total votes: 19

New TeaDay 8/29/12 Solitary or Share the Tea?

Postby Chip » Aug 28th, '12, 08:30

Welcome to TeaDay everybody! Today we will get back to basics in TeaDay, and go back in time on TeaDay. Stop by throughout the day if you are able and post updates on your TeaActivities of the day.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic, goes way back near the beginning of TeaDay where I asked if you were drinking alone. Today I ask again, years later .... what do you prefer...and why? So please share with everyone what you prefer...a solitary tea time or one shared...or some where in between. And why of course.

I am looking forward to hearing about what is in your cup today and hearing your responses. Have a great TeaDay, everyone.
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Re: New TeaDay 8/29/12 Solitary or Share the Tea?

Postby nrstooge » Aug 29th, '12, 14:13

Since I live alone, most of my tea drinking is solitary, but I do enjoy sharing teas with my co-workers and also going to tea shops/tea partys, etc. I'm happiest home with tea and knitting or reading though. :)
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Re: New TeaDay 8/29/12 Solitary or Share the Tea?

Postby AdamMY » Aug 29th, '12, 14:27

I like my tea time with others, but due to not having many people around here that like tea like I do, its mostly done solo.
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Re: New TeaDay 8/29/12 Solitary or Share the Tea?

Postby debunix » Aug 30th, '12, 00:30

A lot of my tea sessions are solo at home and at work, but I share quite a bit of tea at work, and occasional sessions at home. I have rarely shared a full gongfu session, but would like to do more of that in the future, because it's fun.

More good tea shared: more tea happiness.

Today, started with a full thermos of Tie Guan Yin from Yunnan Sourcing, not shared because none of my usual sharees were in clinic this afternoon, and was too late to share some around to the office this morning. Now enjoying a solo session with Norbu's Gu Zhu Zi Sun, marvelous green tea with a delicate yellow liquor making my Deishi cup look almost iridescent at the bottom of the bowl. mmmm.

Edited to mention an interesting interlude, that doesn't really fit anywhere else: a correspondent from Japan called me up tonight (yay for FaceTime) and shared his walk through an exhibit at Takashimaya department store from the Mingei Museum, celebrating Bernard Leach's work, and an accompanying show of every sort of lovely teawares, ceramics and sakura canisters and lacquer plates, including a very tempting bizen kyusu. Fun! Do any of our TeaArtisans have work in this show?
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Re: New TeaDay 8/29/12 Solitary or Share the Tea?

Postby minor_glitch » Aug 30th, '12, 04:45

Seems like I'm in the same boat as a few others. I mostly drink tea alone because I live alone. I enjoy having tea with others though when I have the opportunity. Makes for a nice peaceful time to sit and talk with a friend.
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Re: New TeaDay 8/29/12 Solitary or Share the Tea?

Postby teaisme » Aug 30th, '12, 15:42

on average I find more enjoyment alone because I don't like to feel rushed when making tea (even if it's not verbal I can feel the uneasiness and awareness of time that my friends/strangers are feeling). It is hard to get people who don't drink tea often to sit for an hr or two just to enjoy some tea and rest their mind. I am still not masterful enough to quell these feelings in them all the time :D

But there are great feelings and interconnectedness when everything flows smoothly and easily among all around the table. It's amazing how a session depends so much on everyone there. Find the right people, then a good session is so easy and effortless. I really enjoy brewing for children who enjoy tea. So peaceful and bright, always good vibes all around even if the surroundings are not ideal :mrgreen:

Obviously I need work on brewing tea for others.

Today breaking out the last of some special dayuling in remembrance of IPT's wife.
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Re: New TeaDay 8/29/12 Solitary or Share the Tea?

Postby teaformeplease » Aug 30th, '12, 23:18

I love having tea with friends but there is nothing quite like a quiet, contemplative solo tea session.
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Re: New TeaDay 8/29/12 Solitary or Share the Tea?

Postby Jspigs » Sep 1st, '12, 23:39

I'm with those that would like to share tea but have a shortage of people to share it with. I do however often enjoy drinking tea by myself as well.
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