Hello from New York City!

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Hello from New York City!

Postby RedBear » Sep 4th, '12, 15:24

Hello everyone, part-time New Yorker here. :)

I haven't been around any tea spots in New York as I could hardly consume all the tea that I bring back from China and Taiwan, but it'd be nice if people could introduce me to some good places.

I mainly drink Wu Yi rock tea, raw Pu'erh (sometimes aged but they're so damn expensive), and some Taiwan high mountain. But of course I'm open to all "good" tea. Quality is the most important thing for me, as I feel that all tea have good qualities that can be appreciated.

My father has been drinking tea for over 50 years, and every year when I visit him in China, I would be able to snatch some of his stuff, so it's really nice to be able to experience some of the more top-notch stuff around. Drinking alone is find and all, but sometimes it's just better to share, and hopefully I'll be able to meet some new people here, it'd be even better if we could brew together!
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Re: Hello from New York City!

Postby Chip » Sep 4th, '12, 22:52

I would like to see a picture of this "RedBear!" :mrgreen:

Welcome to TeaChat. Hope you share many cups of tea with us.
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Re: Hello from New York City!

Postby Lerxst2112 » Sep 23rd, '12, 21:14

Hi Red -

Former NY-er here (lower Hudson Valley). Sounds like you've definitely gotten your feet wet insofar as tea! What are some of your favourite (specific) picks (i.e. 2008 Menghai Dayi 8582)?

Tend to gravitate to the roasted Taiwanese oolongs, Chinese/Korean greens, and older shu pu-erhs myself....

Welcome to the forum! Look forward to seeing you around.
Peace, love, and tea -
Jess K.
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Re: Hello from New York City!

Postby BioHorn » Sep 24th, '12, 10:14

Hello RedBear,
Thanks for chiming in. You will be in good company here! Please share your experiences.

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