Light Tea Pairings

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Light Tea Pairings

Postby Darjeelingamor » Sep 3rd, '12, 10:51

Im interesting in know new ideas to pairing with Teas ,
almost of desserts are high in calories ... any nice foods to
eat with your Tea low in calories ?

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Re: Light Tea Pairings

Postby Chip » Sep 9th, '12, 23:39

Sorry, I normally don't eat food while I am drinking tea. However, when I choose to, it could be dark chocolate ... not very light or low in calories! :mrgreen:

At the local sushi bar ... sushi with genmaicha is really a nice pairing.

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Re: Light Tea Pairings

Postby Xell » Sep 10th, '12, 05:38

I like all kind of sweets with anko to eat together with matcha, sencha or kabusecha. For sencha and kabusecha i go a bit higher temp than usual to get little bit extra "sharpness". But it's not for high grade teas, those need to be enjoyed without anything, far too dense and complex flavor, any kind of food would ruin it.

Also like to drink sencha with spicy food, not too spicy that completely overpowers all other flavors.

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Re: Light Tea Pairings

Postby teaisme » Sep 10th, '12, 17:37

walnuts, raw honey, little cinnamon, mixed together thoroughly, makes a nice light snack with a lot of substance
Sometimes I add yogurt and switch cinnamon for clove, then go little more generous with the honey, mix it very well, throw in freshly cut strawberries/apples/peaches, a nice mix of tastes, perhaps it's missing a little salt or something with salt...will have to try salting the nuts next time :mrgreen:

makes a good snack before drinking sweet reds, just make sure not to overdo the cinnamon/clove (esp the clove)

Yes I know walnuts are not low calorie, but come on their tree nuts, their good calories!

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Re: Light Tea Pairings

Postby AdamMY » Sep 15th, '12, 15:06

Not sure how it would work with all teas. But currently Tenryu and fresh sweet Cherries is working together incredibly well.

The slightly sour but sweet note of the Cherries, helps bring out the full body of the Tenryu, and make it seem even more complex.

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Re: Light Tea Pairings

Postby apache » Sep 16th, '12, 12:03

I find sesame and honey paste halva goes really well with both shu and sheng puerh.

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Re: Light Tea Pairings

Postby sriracha » Sep 19th, '12, 12:06

apache wrote:I find sesame and honey paste halva goes really well with both shu and sheng puerh.

Great idea!

I often eat stuff like senbei and the like, or certain types of crispbread, the aforementioned nuts or neutral-tasting cookies.

Shui Xian and a hearty stew is nice too.

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Re: Light Tea Pairings

Postby minor_glitch » Sep 21st, '12, 06:57

I have a new found love for baklava. Goes great with puerh.
Filo pastry, chopped up pistachios (or other nuts depending on who makes it) and honey. Simple, sweet, delicious. mmm

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