Hello - From Brooklyn, New York

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Hello - From Brooklyn, New York

Postby Merko » Sep 27th, '12, 15:29

Hi all - I'm Mark Reiss from Brooklyn - New to tea - & would like suggestions on what teas to try!

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Re: Hello - From Brooklyn, New York

Postby Lerxst2112 » Sep 27th, '12, 16:48

Howdy from a former Queens and mid Hudson Valley-er.

Do you have any experience in tea? Oolongs are always a favourite, and can come reasonably priced. They usually carry spicy, grainy, roasted sweetness in the flavour profiling. If you want more of a foresty, soily taste, then some pu-erhs would be good. If you want that, but also with a hint of sweetness, and almost berry like taste, then a shu pu-erh would be good.

It all depends on what you want. Additionally, pu-erh is difficult to screw up. Most Oolongs are pretty forgiving as well. It's when you start getting into your green and white teas that one must pay a little more attention, as mere seconds on an over-brew can skew profiles.

Welcome to the site - hope to see you around.
Peace, love, and tea -
Jess K.

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Re: Hello - From Brooklyn, New York

Postby Chip » Oct 1st, '12, 12:03

Hello Mark, welcome to TeaChat.

I would suggest that you try lots of teas to see what is to your liking.

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Re: Hello - From Brooklyn, New York

Postby MacGuffin » Oct 17th, '12, 09:36

Hey, Mark! I'm in Manhattan and love tea. I'm currently slogging my way through some very old Japanese green stock--it makes great refrigerator tea. You'll find lots of good vendor recommendations here and I'd add that I've yet to find any really good brick-and-mortar sources in NYC. I've found that online is the way to go.

Are you leaning towards any particular types of teas at this point?

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