Supermarket green teas?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Supermarket green teas?

Postby mckenderson » Oct 7th, '12, 15:42

This will probably show I am a total noob at tea but...anyone like the tea that is sold at the grocery store, like Twinings, Bigelow, Celestial Seasons, Tazo, or Stash? That's pretty much been my introduction to tea, stuff that I can get at the grocery store.

I like Tazo's Zen Green Tea, Tazo's Green Ginger Tea, and Bigelow's Green Tea. Of course, I like them sweetened with a pack of Splenda.

I know there are better teas available, but the supermarket varieties are convenient for now. I've looked online and found a whole world of tea that's just waiting for me to explore. :D
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Re: Supermarket green teas?

Postby mageta » Oct 8th, '12, 11:54

Tea is a lot like pizza in the respect that even when it's low quality it's still not THAT bad.

I used to drink good earth green tea years ago, it's drinkable, but the thing about supermarket teas is that they are very two dimensional and boring. We have the standard lipton tea bags at work and sometimes I'll brew one if I'm sick or if it's really cold out and I don't want the caffeine rush from coffee. I always use plenty of honey and still find it to be pretty bleh, just tastes like old hay or something.

When you start drinking properly prepared, good loose leaf tea you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face, the difference is huge. Once you move into good tea you find that there's no such thing as just "green tea" any more, there are a lot of varieties that have different flavors, there's lots of room to explore.

I would give recommendations but to be honest I'm not all that well versed in different vendors or styles of tea, I'm sure some of the pro's will come rolling through with some good recs.
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Re: Supermarket green teas?

Postby Chip » Oct 8th, '12, 13:48

:lol: ... wellllll ... I think members could convey some Halloween GreenTeaHorror tales. The one that always comes to mind is the deer jerkey Long Jing presented to us by Iannon :lol: :cry: . Although the one green I had just tasted like a hotdog on a bun (Jade Spiral? from Stash) ... I could not get past that and could not finish it.

Usually as we try more teas, the ones we felt were not too bad ... if we revisted them we would wonder how we ever drank them. :mrgreen:
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Re: Supermarket green teas?

Postby sherubtse » Oct 8th, '12, 14:29

Chip wrote:Usually as we ty more teas, the ones we felt were not too bad ... if we revisted them we would wonder how we ever drank them. :mrgreen:

Sadly true ... and truly sad. :(

Best wishes,
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Re: Supermarket green teas?

Postby Teacup1980 » Oct 8th, '12, 20:59

Supermarkets provide us with convenience and mass-produced products which is way different from the one made by artisans. But I think it's a good place to start your journey of green tea. Good luck :D
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Re: Supermarket green teas?

Postby puerhking » Oct 9th, '12, 00:29

Burn your teabags at the stake post haste. Here is a great place to start:

Then gird your wallet.

The rabbit hole beckons.

See you on the other side.
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Re: Supermarket green teas?

Postby MarshalN » Oct 9th, '12, 02:00

There's another side to the rabbit hole? I haven't found it yet.
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Re: Supermarket green teas?

Postby MacGuffin » Oct 11th, '12, 08:55

Chip wrote:Usually as we try more teas, the ones we felt were not too bad ... if we revisted them we would wonder how we ever drank them. :mrgreen:

Reminds me of a Russian friend whom I introduced to good tea. We, with a group of colleagues, were treated to dinner at an Asian restaurant after a conference we'd organized and were offered green tea. We were given mugs with tea bags and my friend's reaction as she sipped was PRICELESS, especially given that she'd been enjoying such tea a few months prior.

I used to brew kombucha when I had counter space; it was a mixture of Lipton's and Bigelow "green and white" (using good tea for kombucha is just silly). You might give the Bigelow a try--it contributed to nice 'bucha.
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