Hello from Arizona

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Hello from Arizona

Postby Kevsgrl » Aug 24th, '12, 15:25

Hello Everyone. I am quite new to the tea world (grocery store bagged tea doesn't count in my opinion). After purchasing a sampler on Etsy, I discovered a love for Genmaicha. This site has been extremely helpful for me as I have discovered a new love for Japanese Green tea and teaware. Thanks to the great feedback and reviews here, I contacted Toru at Artistic Nippon. I found this teapot that I loved- but it is sold out. http://www.artisticnippon.com/product/tokoname/jinshu/yohen_appledobin.html
No fear- he said that if I gave him a few months, he could get another for me. I am so excited to receive my special tokoname. I'm also waiting on a new yunomi from a seller on etsy (I'll post pictures when it arrives). And, I've got a green tea sampler pack coming from Den's. All thanks to the great suggestions and feedback from this site. I look forward to learning more about my new passion and sharing with others through this site. Hoping hubby will let me order the tetsubin on Artistic Nippon I have been drooling over too...:)

Thanks everyone!

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Re: Hello from Arizona

Postby teaisme » Aug 24th, '12, 15:33

hey there hope to see you around the forum, happy drinking :mrgreen:

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Re: Hello from Arizona

Postby Kevsgrl » Aug 26th, '12, 11:54

Thanks for the nice welcome :)

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Re: Hello from Arizona

Postby AdamMY » Aug 26th, '12, 12:06

Welcome, I saw your other post about searching for a Tetsubin. Japanese tea, and especially Japanese Teaware is a wonderful thing to get hooked on. Post what your drinking on Tea day or the appropriate What are you Drinking Now thread in the corresponding subforum. Look forward to seeing you around the forum.


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Re: Hello from Arizona

Postby Chip » Aug 30th, '12, 12:20

Welcome Kevsgrl! Looks like you have some new tea and teatoys heading your way. :mrgreen: Looking forward to seeing your photos!

Yep, Toru from AN will work with you, glad you contacted him.

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Re: Hello from Arizona

Postby MacGuffin » Oct 14th, '12, 21:38

Are you near Tucson? If so and should you have an interest in learning about Chinese tea (a good tea education is well-rounded :wink: ), do check out Seven Cups; their teahouse is supposed to be wonderful and the co-owner is a Chinese tea master. I buy a lot of tea from them online and have only once been disappointed. I understand they offer tea classes and tastings, too. They're extremely nice people as well.

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Re: Hello from Arizona

Postby FlyedPiper » Oct 14th, '12, 23:59

Welcome :mrgreen:

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