Japanese Tea Farm

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Japanese Tea Farm

Postby sherubtse » Oct 23rd, '12, 17:31

Has anyone tried this vendor, or know anything about them:



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Re: Japanese Tea Farm

Postby shinobicha » Oct 23rd, '12, 17:42

Well, I noticed the phone # and remembered this company (link below). So I went to their site and saw that yes, indeed it was the same . . . they must be the same company.


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Re: Japanese Tea Farm

Postby Kevangogh » Oct 24th, '12, 03:38

I had drinks with the owner in Shizuoka a few years ago, American guy. Didn't know about the new site. I guess he's still mainly selling Shizuoka products, that would make sense.

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