types of mint

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types of mint

Postby Mocha Wheels » Aug 27th, '07, 15:57

there are several types of mint: peppermint, crinkle-leafed spearmint, spearmint, and applemint... what are the differences in health benefits and which is best for you?
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Postby kissmyhuman » Oct 29th, '07, 14:38

Mints are common digestive aids for soothing the stomach. Other than that, I don't believe theres any far reaching health benefits in the mint family worth concern.
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Postby tseirPsaduJ » Jan 3rd, '08, 15:47

Well if you drink several cups of peppermint, it can help with mild pain. Especially headaches. I prefer the taste of peppermint personally. But spearmint nauseates me and I haven't heard as much about it's medicinal properties. Though I'm not saying that means it doesn't have as many..it's just I don't hear of it's benefits as much. I think mints are underestimated and there ought to be more studies done on them. I have tried applemint, but a while back, and honestly can't remember much, other than liking it (wasn't as big on tea then though I enjoyed it immensely). Have you heard anything on chocolate-mint? I was actually curious about that.
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