My autoship is higher price than regular price..really??

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Adagio customer service now sucks..

Postby hwilsonvt » Nov 29th, '12, 19:11

I had an order placed on Monday. I was told it would arrive on Tuesday. Two days later the tracking still says waiting to pick up from adagio. In the past you could have an instant chat with customer support but that is gone. There is no number to cal. I have emailed twice with no answer. This is crazy, I remember when adagio had good customer support.

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Still no response from Adagio..

Postby hwilsonvt » Nov 30th, '12, 13:31

Can't call.. Can't chat.. Send via email about my order and still no response. UPS label created on 27th but nothing else has happened tried five times via email and nothing. Actually five different emails..I have begin to send 20 at a time to try to get an answer. Been a customer for over 6 years starting to think it is time to find a new tea source. :o :evil:

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My autoship is higher price than regular price..really??

Postby hwilsonvt » Nov 30th, '12, 20:57

I just ordered an 8 oz. dacong aria on autoship which is supposed to be a discount from normal price but was charged $34.41 and normal price is $34.00. Why do committed customers get a higher price? In addition he order was supposed to arrive on Nov. 28 and won't arrive until at least Dec. 3rd.

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Re: My autoship is higher price than regular price..really??

Postby AdamMY » Nov 30th, '12, 23:11

I understand you are frustrated, but I would like to point out that while this Forum is Sponsored by Adagio, it is actually a somewhat rare occasion that people from Adagio are actually on this forum. So these endless complaint posts are a bit tiring. Perhaps you should just add on to a constant thread of complaints. Especially as most ( if not all) of your posts are related to a single order.

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Re: My autoship is higher price than regular price..really??

Postby Chip » Dec 1st, '12, 17:56

I did contact ownership on your behalf yesterday. Hopefully you have heard from them.

If you do feel compelled to post complaints on TeaChat (as long as you have made contact attempts), please confine them to one topic. I will likely merge your topics accordingly.

BTW, I am not an employee of Adagio, I am simply the member elected moderator.

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