Portable kong fu tea cups

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Portable kong fu tea cups

Postby ChengduCha » Dec 20th, '12, 00:16

I came accross these yesterday and thought they might be of interest to some of the traveling pu erh drinkers here:

Starting from 27RMB for a simple one, to 100RMB for for more sophisticated looks, to handmade ones at 238RMB, which seem to be the most popular on taobao.

Since it's all glazed anyway there shouldn't be any taste difference, or am I mistaken?

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Re: Portable kong fu tea cups

Postby gasninja » Dec 21st, '12, 18:05

You are mistaken in that not all glazed cups are not equal. There can be a definite range of effect on the tea from different glazes.

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