OTTI 16 Thes du Japon, "French Sencha"

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Re: OTTI 16 Thes du Japon, "French Sencha"

Postby Peacock » Dec 1st, '12, 19:50

AdamMY wrote:My initial impressions were "Wow, interesting!" It honestly reminded me of a cross between a good green TGY and a Japanese Sencha. That being said my intial delight did not last long, by the 3rd infusion, I was sick of this new taste sensation, and it no longer intrigued me, and was almost making me sick. I will say I was on a bit of an empty stomach at that point, but usually sencha does not have that effect on me even on an empty stomach.

I felt like I had the same experience, and out of all of them the Oku Midori was my personal favorite.

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Re: OTTI 16 Thes du Japon, "French Sencha"

Postby Poohblah » Dec 5th, '12, 16:47

Going back through my samples again.
The Kamairicha tastes just like buttered popcorn the second time around. It's interesting, for sure, but I don't think it's my favorite of the samples.
The micro-fermented still tastes wonderfully different from the others, with strong notes of plum. It is kind of finicky about brewing though, so I have to be careful.
I like this Sae Midori more than the SM from the O-Cha OTTI. I think this "French" SM is a little sweeter.
I have nothing new to add about the other two teas. Oku Midori is a nice middle-steamed sencha and Honyama is very sweet, mellow, and pleasant compared to the others in this flight.

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Re: OTTI 16 Thes du Japon, "French Sencha"

Postby northi » Dec 6th, '12, 13:04

As of now I've tasted the Sae Midori, Oku Midori, Honyama and the Micro Fermented. They are all very good teas in my opinion, but the Micro Fermented is the most interesting of the bunch. Tomorrow I'm going to try the Kamairicha and because it is the first Kamairicha I'll be drinking, I'm pretty excited. :)

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Re: OTTI 16 Thes du Japon, "French Sencha"

Postby Remick » Dec 7th, '12, 19:45

First, Thanks Chip!

I've made it through two samples so far, Oku-midori and the micro-fermented. I'll start in on the Saemidori later today.
With regards to the micro-fermented, the floral perfume was really unexpected and very enjoyable. To the best of my knowledge I brewed it under 150f and kept the steeps short. Even with my precautions, I have to liken the tea to a Hachiya persimmon when still very firm.
The Oku-midori was savory and solid in the first steep. Honestly, the first steep was always the best for me. It didn't turn unpleasant as the session continued, but I did know that it gave its best up front.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the samples, hopefully I won't take as long to get through them.

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Re: OTTI 16 Thes du Japon, "French Sencha"

Postby AdamMY » Dec 9th, '12, 14:36

Brewed the Kamaricha today. Was nice and easy drinking. Definitely a change of pace from typical sencha. I felt like it was an odd cross of Japanese Green tea and Korean Green tea, with more of a lean towards Japanese.

Brewed a little on the warmer side ( per Ed's suggestions), but with plenty of time to infuse. Nice and toasty flavors, with a little extra. Somewhat sweet too.

Very enjoyable when you want something along the sencha line that is not sencha.

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Re: OTTI 16 Thes du Japon, "French Sencha"

Postby shinobicha » Dec 11th, '12, 01:18

The Honyama was good; it had an almost baked bread aroma to it. It was also a very pure, sencha; kind of like straightforward leaves without any processing (that is just what I imagine).

I think I enjoyed the Saemidori even more, though that surprised me. I certainly appreciated that it wasn't a steamed-to-death fuka. The aroma from the warmed pot was a little like raspberries, and the tea of course had some nice umami, but a lot more depth than a pure umami blast that I've come to notice from a lot of fukas. It had a decent amount of aroma that remained in the after taste.

My favorite of the five so far has to be the micro-fermented. Though, I am not surprised; I had two of TDJ's micro-ferment senchas last year, and one of them was unique and the other I thoroughly enjoyed. This was very similar. The aroma, and especially aftertaste, are what make this tea amazing.

I've just had the Okumidori once, and it seemed solid. It reminded me a little of a kabusecha, and had a slightly salty/marine quality to the umami.

Very good teas overall; I'm thankful for the chance to sample some more from Thes du Japon.

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Re: OTTI 16 Thes du Japon, "French Sencha"

Postby AdamMY » Dec 25th, '12, 17:54

My first tea today was the Honyama, and I agree with Shinobicha's sentiments regarding it. Good, though it seemed to be a bit reserved. If you want a nice cup of sencha it is a good choice, but if you are looking for something a little special, I would look elsewhere.

Just realized they have 3 different Honyama sencha's, so now that I found out which one it is, I will say the price is probably appropriate for what it is, a tea basically without flaws, but failing to really stand out in any regard.

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Re: OTTI 16 Thes du Japon, "French Sencha"

Postby AdamMY » Dec 26th, '12, 12:50

I had the second half of the Oku-midori for breakfast. A very nice drinking tea, I could have possibly pushed each steep a little longer.

So far from the sencha's from Thes du Japon, they all seem to be almost the picture definition of sencha. As in when you sit down and brew one of these up, you know you are going to get something that sencha is to a T. Slightly vegetal, buttery, with a hint of grains, and when brewed properly, you can get dial it in to the exact level of astringency you want, without necessarily sacrificing brew temp too much ( I have had sencha's that to get it to not be a mouth puckering level of astringency it had to be brewed at about 120F which is not what I want from sencha).

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Re: OTTI 16 Thes du Japon, "French Sencha"

Postby Running for Tea » Feb 11th, '13, 22:02

I'm disappointed that I missed out on this OTTI! This is the first I've seen of this site, and the majority of the tea they offer fall within my tea budget range. This is definitely a site I will trying out come shincha season!

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