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Postby Teaism » Jan 11th, '13, 12:39

Hi I am joining a tea forum for the first time!
Looking forward to learn and share some tea experiences here.

Have a good day!


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Re: Hello

Postby Chip » Jan 12th, '13, 01:59

Hi Teaism, welcome to TeaChat. Please do share some tea experiences!

Stay thirsty!

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Re: Hello

Postby Teaism » Jan 12th, '13, 02:20

Hi Chip,

Thanks for your welcome message.

The journey of tea began as long as I can remembered. I grew up in a tea drinking culture and in those days, drinking tea ( esp Chinese tea) was daily occurrence and a replacement of water. Most people I knew then drank tea instead of water. That was many decades ago.

I join this forum after many years of lurking and noted that that there are quite a lot of interest in tea and tea culture.

I enjoy all sorts of tea, Japanese, Malaysian, Indian, Sri Lankan and or course Chinses tea.
In the early 90s I drank mostly Taiwanese tea, e.g Lishan, Tayuling etc then shifted my interest to PuEr and Wuyi rock tea. I also enjoy many other teas from white to red tea and have a wide collections of them. For many years, I travelled a lot to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China to absord into the tea culture and also search for good tea and pots.

So this is it, my first journey into a formal approach to tea, via Forum and I think this forum is very interesting and there is a lot to share and learn.

Teaism, for me, is the art of peace, and a gentle approach and a humble respect for tea. In return, tea give give us back a peaceful mind and body.

Look forward to participate in this forum.


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Re: Hello

Postby AdamMY » Jan 12th, '13, 10:22

Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have a real good start on tea drinking already. I also have seen you have posted in several other threads... So keep up the good work!

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