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Postby Indie.tea » Jan 14th, '13, 00:34

Does anyone know of how to get Ryuoen teas stateside? As far as I know, they are located in Kyoto and the family has been growing and selling tea since 1875.
I really enjoyed a asamushi-style sencha komakage of theirs...
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Re: Ryu'oen

Postby fnord » Jan 28th, '13, 06:10

Hi Indie.tea,
i wrote theme a fax a few weeks back,but didn't get a reply.maybe i'll try that a second time.
i found another way,i used a japanese buying service,because the shops i found which offer ryu'oen tea don't sell outside of japan.
to be honest this is quite expensive and i'm not sure if i'll use it again ,i would prefer to buy directly.
if you want to go this route ,let me know and i'll send you the links to the shopping service and online shop i used.
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