1/20/12 How many times per day?

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How many times do you start a tea each day?

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1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby Chip » Jan 20th, '13, 11:32

Welcome to TeaDay everyone!

Attention Newbies!!! If you are a new to tea or TeaChat, don't be shy, we were all newbies at one time. Please share your TeaDay with us!!!

Today's TeaPoll Question and TeaDay discussion topic...how much tea do you drink on average on a daily basis? But the poll question is ... How many times to do you start a tea each day? This does not have to necessarily be a new tea, just a new brew!

Please feel free to share with everyone as you share what is in your cup!!!

Have a Great TeaDay everyone and bottoms up!
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby debunix » Jan 20th, '13, 23:17

Today, was probably typical--started with some An Ji Bai Cha, a reliably lovely tea, this time from Norbu, then a problematic session with some silver needle (repackaged, so not sure of my source)--the first infusion I thought it had gone off due to age, but it was so much better in the next infusions that the first wrong infusion must have been my fault (these both in my Petr Novak shino kyusu). Then on to a new-to-me sample of puerh that Petr Novak included with my recent teaware shipment--2012 Chawangpu Jingmai Gu Shu Xiao Bing Cha--a very pleasing young sheng with initial sweet, floral, and herbaceous notes, requiring lots of very short infusions to keep the sweet/herbaceous front and center over some bitterness that was brought out only by some forgotten (too long) infusions. It's got plenty of infusions left so it's going to see out my evening of tea.
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby Poohblah » Jan 21st, '13, 00:27

generally two. one with breakfast and one with dinner. can't drink at work :(
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby FlyedPiper » Jan 21st, '13, 00:46

Two on my days off. No tea today :(
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby Kathy Marie » Jan 21st, '13, 01:06

Two, one for breakfast and one for dinner.
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby Crafty_Mom » Jan 21st, '13, 07:59

Generally 2-3 black teas, and sometimes one or two tisanes if I'm feeling stressed.
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby tomasini » Jan 22nd, '13, 12:19

Instead of "more than 7" you should put "never leaves the restroom", cause that's how I feel when I have more than 7 cups.
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby amaranto » Jan 22nd, '13, 13:30

I originally put five, but then I started paying closer attention the next day and upped that. My friends wonder why I'm always ordering more tea :roll:
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby teaisme » Jan 22nd, '13, 13:45

usually two max if I'm drinking alone throughout the day

however if someone else wants tea then it could be one or two more fresh sessions

I used to drink more, but decided some precautions against in-taking too much caffeine and water would ensure many happy future tea drinking sessions to come
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby vacuithe » Jan 22nd, '13, 16:23

usually 3 from monday to friday : morning sencha, afternoon puerh and evening puerh.
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby NPE » Jan 23rd, '13, 07:54

On a normal working day around 4 times: 1 directly after getting up, then around 2 while at work and then a decent lengthy session in the evening :D
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby Suutej_Tsaj » Jan 28th, '13, 15:00

I put a somewhat balanced "four times".
When I'm attending courses I'm off all day, because my university is in another city, so I only brew a litre of black tea, hibiscus or Gunpowder in the morning and take it with me.
But if I'm at home, that means either it's sunday or an exams period started. In both cases I barely step out of home and that means up to 5 or 6 times. It usually goes like this: black tea with random spices at breakfast, Gunpowder (either alone or with mint and cane sugar for Arabic tea) just before or during lunch, hibiscus in the early afternoon, Sencha or Gyokuro around 6 p.m. and white tea, rooibos or more hibiscus after dinner.
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby edkrueger » Jan 28th, '13, 20:34

PG Tips
Wegmans EB
PG Tips
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby Joel Byron » Feb 5th, '13, 09:31

I usually have some sort of green in the morning. Sencha this morning. After I drop the kids off and come back home I've been having a gongfu session with some sort of oolong. Lately it's been Shui Xian or Tiguanyin. Later on in the afternoon I'll have something else, depending on my mood.
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Re: 1/20/12 How many times per day?

Postby DVS » Feb 8th, '13, 19:40

Usually two, Oolong through out the day and puerh in the evening.
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