Hi Everyone!

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Hi Everyone!

Postby TeaBratt94 » Jan 30th, '13, 10:13

I found this site by accident and after reading copious amounts of information from many of you, I decided to join. Everyone seems to have fun here :) Yea!

One item I saw that came up was the Teavanna study. I did further research and I contacted the company. They will not talk to me about it.

I am too concerned now to drink their tea even though I have liked some of it. Is any one else uncomfortable drinking their tea? Or has anyone else decided not to drink their tea any longer?

I do agree with many that they do try to "snow" you when you go in to buy for the first time. I had a not so pleasant experience too. I am glad that I am not the only one. I thought it was my imagination.

Thank you again for this great blog area. I look forward to reading and learning and participating.

By the way, Adagio teas from their Master's Collection are the ones I drink the most right now :)

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Re: Hi Everyone!

Postby Neist » Jan 30th, '13, 12:20

Welcome! :)

I do indeed feel a bit iffy buying their teas, if not for their questionable business practices, at least for the strongly hinted at possibility of pesticide residue in their teas. Besides, their tea is so expensive it's easy to write off their tea indefinitely, even if you like it.

It's a shame. I do enjoy a few of their herbals..
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Re: Hi Everyone!

Postby Chip » Jan 31st, '13, 19:16

Welcome TeaBratt94 to TeaChat!

We look forward to your TeaJourney and your continued learning more about teas and participating. :mrgreen:
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Re: Hi Everyone!

Postby AdamMY » Feb 3rd, '13, 12:10

Welcome! Regarding Teavana, I think to many people here have had too many weird encounters there to really want to frequent them. It would be interesting if they every manage to completely turn their tactics around, but sometimes thats like asking for the world to stop.
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Re: Hi Everyone!

Postby TeaBratt94 » Feb 5th, '13, 11:49

Thank you for your kind responses. I do look forward to learning about tea.

Other than Hojo Tea has anyone found an American based company with high quality tea like Hojo?
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