Silver Needle Pairing

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Silver Needle Pairing

Postby needaTEAcher » Nov 9th, '11, 05:39

I just ordered some silver needles. Not top of the line stuff, but mid-teens for 100grams, so not bags either.

How have you found that you enjoy brewing it? I will be playing with a gaiwan and and a tall glass of course, but what about iron? Yixing zini, hongni, or duanni? :D
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Re: Silver Needle Pairing

Postby Chimpie » Nov 9th, '11, 15:40

I just use a small ceramic pot thats one cup sized, and re brew as many times as possible. I've never put them into cast iron or clay so can't help there.

I love silver needles, and drink it above any other tea... have to brew it myself though can't trust others not to shower it in boiling water :!:
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Re: Silver Needle Pairing

Postby Chip » Nov 9th, '11, 18:11

... most often glass or gaiwan these days. I have used various types of teapots as well including tokoname.
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Re: Silver Needle Pairing

Postby fire_snake » Dec 21st, '11, 23:56

A thin-walled gaiwan should do the trick. Some folks around these parts have used duanni clay pots for green tea, but I don't think I'd use them for white. White tea can be finicky.

However, I find that good silver needle can take punishment like a man. I've brewed it quite hot and quite cool. Never really encountered any bitterness. Just sharper flavour or lighter, more floral flavour.

As usual, experimentation is in order. Go for a hot session the first time around. Keep the infusion times relatively short, around 10 to 15 seconds for the first one. See what develops. You really can't go wrong unless you manage to pull out some bitterness. Adjust accordingly.

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Re: Silver Needle Pairing

Postby Alex » Jan 10th, '13, 06:13

Gaiwan. If its really thick walled you may want to keep the lid open
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Re: Silver Needle Pairing

Postby Teaism » Jan 15th, '13, 12:55

Try this:
Brew on Gaiwan but control your water pouring. You can start with about 90c temp hot water. Pour the hot water from high level say 1 ft from the gaiwan and control the water stream as thin as possible, without any break. Pour in a circular movement and let the water enter from the side of the gaiwan. When the water is fill up, close the cover and wait for around 15 seconds ( longer for subsequent brew). When you pour the tea out from the gaiwan, discard one quarter of the top brew and pour the rest as fast as possible to a pitcher.

Of course there are many other ways but this just a suggestion for you to try out. Let me know the result. :P
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Re: Silver Needle Pairing

Postby Devoted135 » Feb 1st, '13, 23:42

I'm trying Silver Needle (from Rishi, loose leaf but purchased at Whole Foods) for the first time right now. Going shorter and shorter for each subsequent infusion and it's just really... plant-y. I think it's trying to be floral and I'm just not treating it right though. Any suggestions?

Btw, I'm brewing in my 120mL gaiwan about half full of leaf, and used the three cups method to try and make sure my water wasn't too hot. First infusion was 30s.
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Silver Needle Pairing

Postby blairswhitaker » Feb 2nd, '13, 20:38

I personal think that if you want those lilac floral notes you need hotter water. Around 80c if your transferring water to three separate cups it has probably cooled down to 60c or even lower. I have had that rishi silver needle and i find it quite good.
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