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Re: Tao of Tea Tea Flowers

Postby Chip » Feb 16th, '13, 20:35

I will be anxious to hear about the ToT flowers!!!

So, first crack at Upton's Nepal Tea Flowers.

First sensory experience happens with opening the bag, wooosh. Honey citrus ... pretty robust.

Brewing, I decided to ditch the boiling water/8 mnutes recommendation and likely overcompensated on the not hot enough side. Results were not on par with memory, but good. Second steep, similar. Third, I went hotter or longer ... was not paying super close attention ... but pop ... caramel, very nice. So, I will have to adjust next time.

The flowers are interesting in appearance when dry, but become not so attractive once wet. Oh well ...

Nice nevertheless and glad I purchased.
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Re: Tao of Tea Tea Flowers

Postby MountainEd » Mar 8th, '13, 16:51

Sounds like Chip is expecting a review. I'm pretty bad at reviewing anything....tea, movies, music, whatever. I tend to say, yes I like it or no I didn't like it. Or yes it was exciting.....no it was boring...etc., you get the idea.

My problem with food stuffs is I inherited a defect from my dad and his dad, none of us can smell items very well. Bad sinus's. And taste is so tightly linked with aroma.

Having said that, when I opened the bag the aroma was quite strong. Smelled like dried flowers. My first teapot was spring water brought just to the boil using 7 grams of flowers and about 5 ounces of water. A surprisingly intense flavor, I'm used to flower tisanes such as chamomile, subtle in taste. Then about a week later I tried 185 deg. water, same amount of flowers, water and brewing time. Still a strong flavor but kind of subdued. So for the third pot I've brewed I settled on 200 deg. water and left the amounts and time the same. Decided this was a nice middle path to follow.

I like these flowers well enough that I don't think I need to buy the Upton's at this time for a comparison. I did notice that Amazon also has ToT Tea Flower bricks, I think they were 5 years old. Interesting.
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