Russian vendor selling YSLLC tea

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Russian vendor selling YSLLC tea

Postby Drax » Mar 16th, '13, 13:48

I was trying to find some pricing on a cake from an old purchase and I stumbled across this Russian site. I wonder if this was the place that bought up a lot of Scott's stock? They appear to be selling a fair amount of his tea... (I'm sure there are other places, too).

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Re: Russian vendor selling YSLLC tea

Postby ChengduCha » Mar 17th, '13, 00:38

They're just a middleman between Russian consumers and YS that act like they maintain their own stock, but just charge a markup on YS prices.

YS payment options aren't suitable for most Russians and only a few pages of YS are in Russian, which means that the shop can get away with this.

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