Coca tea / mate de coca

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Coca tea / mate de coca

Postby nibrole » Jan 25th, '10, 00:32

Any experience with coca teas? I ordered some a while back from Bolivia when I was still drinking bagged tea. It makes a very 'green' tasting brew with a lot of pungency. I took to brewing it mixed with some yerba mate for a stimulating blend. I can't say the taste grew on me much, but it was interesting to try. It was a bit expensive to import and I don't think I can drink it all before it goes rancid though. (I should also mention, coca tea imported to the US is de-cocanized. I have not had the original.)

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Re: coca tea / mate de coca

Postby bsteele » Jan 25th, '10, 08:28

Ah yes, mate de coca. I had some of that in Peru. Tasty stuff.

A coca/yerba blend sounds pretty sweet. It'll get you going, fo sho.

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Re: coca tea / mate de coca

Postby beachape » Feb 16th, '10, 00:24

I wonder where that coca goes when it is "de-cocanized" :wink:

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Re: coca tea / mate de coca

Postby shah82 » Feb 16th, '10, 02:26

I don't think coca tisane is decocainized. It just doesn't have very much alkaloid in the dried leaf.

I generally like it, tho' not as much as I do normal tea. It's a pretty good morning tea (and in all seriousness, quite safe and nonaddictive) and multiple bags/combine with tea is especially good for concentration. I drink mine with Lochan Stimulating Chai, because the green tea and spices along with the coca makes for a very long and gentle up and a smooth down--no crashing either from the caffiene or coca alkies.

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Re: coca tea / mate de coca

Postby plant partaker » Mar 1st, '10, 00:54

i wouyld have to agree i dont think its decocanized but its not created like cocaine is its the natural leaves

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Re: Coca tea / mate de coca

Postby MelissaW » Oct 3rd, '10, 01:07

I bought some coca tea for my mom. I haven't tried it due to this article:

I am wanting to try it, but I am in the process of trying to get a new job. Didn't know if anyone was aware, or knew more on it.

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Re: Coca tea / mate de coca

Postby futurebird » Mar 25th, '13, 15:41

This is the only herbal I really enjoy. It has a lovely taste, rather like coconut but less sweet and buttery.

It help with alertness, but isn't as effective as coffee. It really should be easier to buy!

When it's made from the fresh leaves it's out-of this world. I use dried whole leaves and brew it gong fu style which makes it a bit stronger.

In fact, I have just discovered that I can't buy it online anymore. I used to buy the whole leaves from "Andina Real" but they have jacked up their prices... probably college kids trying to "get high" -- (it won't work any more than smoking banana peels will.)

Anyone know of any place selling whole leaves?

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Re: Coca tea / mate de coca

Postby jayinhk » Mar 25th, '13, 16:04

I really want to import some to try, but it's highly illegal here in Hong Kong :( It's probably easier to get the alkali treated extract than leaf here. :lol:

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Re: Coca tea / mate de coca

Postby shah82 » Apr 21st, '13, 00:18

One further comment in that it's a pretty decent spot anti-depressant. It doesn't work very fast like kava would, but I feel better the next day, and it lasts. I think this would be a very popular tisane if people could just buy it--for reasons pretty different than cocaine. Sucks for getting you high, well more high than caffeine would.

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Re: Coca tea / mate de coca

Postby ClarG » Jan 21st, '14, 22:06

Does it really help you adjust to a high altitude if you drink it while in one? I have never had it but people I know who went to Peru have.

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