What music do you listen to (with tea)?

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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby futurebird » Mar 18th, '13, 01:56


How about some dance to go with all the music?

Most of the time I listen to contemporary classical (like Glass or Adams-) when working and drinking tea.

I listen to music with lyrics when running or working out. I'm mostly programming or grading papers or doing math so I need stuff that's not too distracting ...
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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby Snooteaperson » Mar 26th, '13, 12:23

I'm inclined to whatever strikes my mood at the moment. (Same philosophy as my tea-drinking, as it were.) Usually it's something bright and peppy to get me through the day. Bowling For Soup? Katy Perry? Panic! At the Disco? Why the heck not.
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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby Muadeeb » Mar 26th, '13, 12:43

By coincidence a friend of mine sent me this link to tea music:

http://www.welove-music.net/2013/03/tea ... n-tea.html

Not really my thing, but I guess it would be authentic.

My tastes run from indie rock to jazz to dub. My tea drinking does not influence my music choice at all. Last night I was listening to Death Grips while drinking some green tea- not a relaxing music by any means but I like it.
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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby Risdt » Mar 30th, '13, 17:38

I always tend to put on some Miles or Coltrane, sometimes jazz24. It goes perfectly with puerh, gained the habbit through one of my teafriends.
If not jazz I put on some rock classics (David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Radiohead..),instrumental music like Toe (great Japanese band), soft electronics with some oriental sounds (Bonobo, Onra) or some good old Mozart.
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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby yalokinh » Apr 1st, '13, 11:20

love the jazz thing, but I listen to more modern guys like:
dave douglas, ambrose akinmusire, arve henriksen (check this guy out, seriously).
I also listen to alot of industrial stuff like skinny puppy, nurse with wound, etc....
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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby bagua7 » Dec 26th, '14, 00:11

Listening to the enchanting voice of Yasmeen, The Island and the Inlet and The Field.
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