Ni hao from Taipei

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Ni hao from Taipei

Postby luca » Apr 1st, '13, 06:02

Greetings from Taiwan - I'm sure it will become immediately apparent in my future postings that my interest in teaware materials stems from other reasons beyond just a love of tea. I'm getting involved in a design project that will draw upon knowledge of teaware materials, Yixing clay specifically as well as others, to possibly be utilised. I've relocated last year to Taiwan from the UK, and am awash in tea, fully admiring all the opportunities for its enjoyment in this cultural setting, and am looking forward to exchanges here on the forum.

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Re: Ni hao from Taipei

Postby SilentChaos » Apr 1st, '13, 18:52

Greetings!!!!! :D You're in Taipei? So am I!!

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Re: Ni hao from Taipei

Postby Poohblah » Apr 1st, '13, 20:38


Welcome! enjoy! :)

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Re: Ni hao from Taipei

Postby Chip » Apr 3rd, '13, 20:54

Greetings Luca, welcome to TeaChat. Hope to see you around the forum!

Hope you will share your tea experiences with us as well!!!

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Re: Ni hao from Taipei

Postby » Apr 4th, '13, 02:18


Share expieriences with us!

Hi from Poland;)

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