Hawaiian Black Tea

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Hawaiian Black Tea

Postby RichAftTaste » Apr 24th, '13, 14:53

I have read a bit via the Internet about the Hawaiian black tea grown on a high elevation slope of a volcano. I intend on driving up to SF and try some of this tea at Samovar.

Although, I do not have the experience to have the acquired knowledge to taste the many differences in variety of black tea. I would like to hear from others on the subject. In regards to the Hawaiian Black Tea, any noticeable differences in smell and taste you can share?

Thank you

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Re: Hawaiian Black Tea

Postby javi_sanchez » Apr 24th, '13, 21:04

I too am interested in this since I am currently exploring black teas. Someone on r/Tea posted their experience with the Mauna Kea green tea. You may want to check it out.

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Re: Hawaiian Black Tea

Postby debunix » Apr 24th, '13, 22:07

I can't speak to Hawaiian black tea, but I've adored the Hawaiian oolong I got from Hilo Coffee Mill. Really amazing and unique in my not-yet-so-extensive experience.

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