Green tea quaffing

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Green tea quaffing

Postby pingutea » May 8th, '13, 10:14

Hi to all you tea quaffers, just got my taste buds back after 38 years after switching from smoking tobacco to using an electronic cigarette. I used to drink buckets of coffee now I drink buckets of tea. My selections at the moment are, Japanese Matcha first cup of the day, then switch over to pinhead gunpowder (tea bag) or loose leaf Chinese Oolong, then late evening (after 7pm) I switch to Rooibos. I like the taste,the smell, the colours I even like watching the leaves dance in the glass teapot, sad but true.
I Never had this much enjoyment from a cup of coffee
My health has improved greatly, this may be attributed to not using tobacco products any more, but I feel that my tea drinking regime has helped a lot etc....
Quaff on.....

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Re: Green tea quaffing

Postby Chip » May 8th, '13, 12:20

Welcome to TeaChat pingutea. I am most certainly lookong forward to seeing you around.

We currently have an 'under construction' forum entitled Tea and Health soon to go live, located under Tea & Teaware on the Board index page.
This may be of interest to you once it is up and running!
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