Lone Tea Addict

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Lone Tea Addict

Postby TommyTeaMorrow » May 8th, '13, 04:58

Just thought I would write a quick introduction,
My name is Tommy and I am a tea addict.

It has almost been half of a year since I became hooked on loose leaf.
I live in a small town in California, there any not many people around here that drink loose leaf. This forum looks like a perfect opportunity to be able to relate to other tea addicts such as myself.I am very interested in learning about tea and sharing my knowledge with others.
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Re: Lone Tea Addict

Postby JRS22 » May 8th, '13, 08:29

I prefer to call myself a tea connoisseur.

I live in a large metropolitan area and still don't have any friends who want to move up from tea bags. For people like us this is the place to be, so welcome.
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Re: Lone Tea Addict

Postby Chip » May 8th, '13, 12:11

Welcome to our forum TommyTeaMorrow! It appears that many TCers have been in the same boat and joined TeaChat for that very reason.

I am certainly looking forward to seeing you around TC. :mrgreen:
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Re: Lone Tea Addict

Postby victoria3 » May 8th, '13, 12:27

Welcome lone addict, like you I'm a teapendent connoisseur :idea:
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Re: Lone Tea Addict

Postby Peacock » May 10th, '13, 10:06

Hello Tommy. And just so you know I prefer to call myself a drug-addict.
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Re: Lone Tea Addict

Postby BioHorn » May 10th, '13, 13:34

You have come to the right place (Well. Maybe the wrong place. Depends how you look at it!)
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Re: Lone Tea Addict

Postby tst » Jun 21st, '13, 16:15

Just curious ... which small town?
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