Tea and joint/bone health

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Tea and joint/bone health

Postby asterix2k10 » Jun 24th, '13, 05:46

Sometimes when I over-indulge in tea I get pain in my joints and tendons, particularly black tea. I am concerned about the long-term effects on my joint and bone health. I understand green tea is anti-inflammatory so it's good for arthritis. But on the other hand, I have read black tea increases risk of arthritis. Also I know caffeine leaches some calcium from the bones, so I try to get plenty of calcium in my diet. Finally, I am slightly concerned about fluoride, which can cause joint pain through skeletal fluorosis, although I believe this is somewhat rare. I do try to drink good quality loose leaf teas to reduce the fluoride exposure.

Is the temporary pains and aches I feel from too much tea just exhaustion from the caffeine? Or perhaps a pre-existing condition worsened by the caffeine or other components in tea?

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Re: Tea and joint/bone health

Postby John Delaney » Jun 24th, '13, 13:28


I think you will find the following article useful. You could followup with the studies mentioned to get more specific details on how it might relate specifically to you. http://teaguardian.com/tea-health/bone-health-1.html#.UciBQcXAydl There are plenty of articles out there showing that green tea helps improve bone health.

As far as fluoride goes, unless you are drinking tons of tea, I don't believe that should be an issue. The most common culprit of fluoride is the water itself and you can make changes to that to reduce the fluoride levels.

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Re: Tea and joint/bone health

Postby donaldosborne » Jul 24th, '13, 06:22

Yeah, green tea is good for everythink.

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Re: Tea and joint/bone health

Postby teaisme » Jul 24th, '13, 14:04

I really doubt its the tea, but out of curiosity, what black tea?

I would just make sure your not over hydrating yourself. Check on getting more minerals in diet and sunshine and maintain good oral hygiene (underlined this point as higher chance of cause of your pain if you are young, experiencing joint pains, but not malnourished, or have other preexisting conditions).

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