Hail, from Boston! (home of tea parties.. the good kind)

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Hail, from Boston! (home of tea parties.. the good kind)

Postby IzzieBot » Jul 9th, '13, 15:41

Hey all.
I've been a tea enthusiast for a few years, but recently decided to delve a little deeper and refine my tastes / knowledge.

I've just started a tea / food blog so I'm hoping to gain some knowledge, friends, and participate in some events through this community.

I actually host tea-tasting parties at my apartment in Boston. I've done about 5 so far since Nov 2012, (about one every 2 months) and they've been huge successes. My group of friends are all mid to late 20 somethings who enjoy knitting and drinking tea, so we're fighting the stereotype that it's not hip or reserved for old dapper Englishmen. :mrgreen:

How long have you been drinking tea?
• Casually, since high school, but as far as expanding into higher qualities and varieties beyond bagged lipton, 3 years ish.

What was your first Tea?
• Couldn't possibly recall, but Harney & Son's Hot Cinnamon Sunset was the tea that inspired me to make it more of a hobby.

What is your favorite Tea currently?
• Hot Cinnamon Sunset remains my favorite branded blend. I'm also a huge fan of matcha, chais, and gyokuro.

What is your next purchase?
• I've actually got a pretty big stock to go through before it goes bad - but I am hoping to get a yixing pot sooner rather than later.
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Re: Hail, from Boston! (home of tea parties.. the good kind)

Postby Chip » Jul 9th, '13, 15:57

Welcome to TeaChat, I see you have already found your way around.

Izzie wrote:Artistic license and freedom of expression are not excuses for irresponsibility or meaningless controversy.

Brilliant! May I use this quote from time to time?

I am an ardent believer in "I may not agree with what you say, but I defend your right say it to the death." (paraphrased) However when a member posts irresponsibly or even lying (for instance about a vendor), I can be equally "defensive" for the victim.
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